Nexttbrand founder Sasha Shilko

I wanted there to be a better way to discover and navigate online brands


Brands like DollarShaveClub, StitchFix, and Allbirds made it big. Now there are new direct-to-consumer brands appearing all the time. I think that’s fantastic because they tend to be mission-driven, 'maniacally focused' on the consumer experience, and leading innovation in their product categories. Who wouldn't rather purchase from them over traditional retailers?


Unfortunately, I was pretty frustrated trying to sift through all of them. Tons of brands show up on Instagram/Facebook, but which ones are good? Am I missing out on better ones because they aren't paying to target me? Googling for reviews is such a time sink. Plus, I'm confused if I'm reading a real opinion or a paid endorsement. Can I just see everything in one place with a good old bestseller list and some genuine reviews?

I made this site because I’ve had absolutely horrendous experiences buying online as well as amazing experiences that I’m excited to tell all my friends about. Seamlessly receiving a product you end up loving and using all the time can create so much joy. I wanted to make it easy for that to happen all the time. I hope you find the site helpful.

In previous lives, I've worked in management consulting and tech startups.



How do you decide which brands to add to NexttBrand?

Brands are curated by the team at NexttBrand. We want to provide you with information on all the most popular online brands. We’ll constantly be adding new brands and additional categories. You can submit brands you’d like to see us add here. 

We particularly focus on ‘direct-to-consumer’ brands, brands that sell directly to their end customers without going through Amazon or a major retailer. We think it’s important to focus on ‘direct-to-consumer’ because it’s especially hard to find trustworthy product reviews and comparisons for brands in that space. 

You’ll often see ‘direct-to-consumer’ brands advertising on social media. Some big names include DollarShaveClub, StitchFix, and Allbirds. ‘Direct-to-consumer’ brands primarily sell products through their own websites. They’ll publish customer reviews and product comparisons on their websites, but it’s hard to fully rely on those. NexttBrand is a neutral, third-party brand discovery platform with authentic customer reviews. 


How do you determine which brands are bestselling and trending?

All NexttBrands primarily sell online through their websites. Brands that rank as bestselling receive the most unique visitors to their websites and the highest level of engagement from those visitors. To determine bestseller rankings, NexttBrand leverages Alexa, a global ranking system that looks at millions of websites. Trending brands have seen the greatest jump in rank over the last 90 days. 


How do you determine return policy scores?

  • Great: Company processes exchanges / returns / refunds, the process is clear and simple, the customer pays no or minimal return shipping cost / restocking fees, and there is a reasonable window to initiate returns / exchanges (14-100+ days)

  • Okay: Company processes exchanges / returns / refunds but customers often pay the return shipping cost or a restocking fee, certain items may not be eligible or carry a higher cost, policies are unclear or long, and / or the window to initiate returns / exchanges is short (often ranging from 3-7 days)

  • Poor: (1) Company does not offer exchanges / returns / refunds, has no stated policy, or the policy is extremely difficult to understand. Be smart when dealing with subscription services, especially for perishable items like food or coffee. Also use caution with customized items or very large products like furniture or workout equipment. OR (2) Company's stated return policy terms may be okay, but there have been a high number of complaints from customers around getting exchanges / returns / refunds actually processed (on NexttBrand, Better Business Bureau, or other review platforms)


How do you determine trust scores?

NexttBrand trust scores are a measure of a brand’s reliability and performance. Some brands are not rated due to insufficient information.

  • Lower scores indicate that customers have reported:

  • Difficulty returning merchandise and obtaining refunds

  • Difficulty getting a response when issues arise

  • Long delays in receiving merchandise

  • Receiving poor quality merchandise

  • Not receiving merchandise 


Higher scores (As) do not guarantee a great purchasing experience. A company may be highly rated because few customers have reported poor experiences to-date, which is not a guarantee of future performance. 

If you’ve purchased from a brand listed on NexttBrand, please leave a review about your experience to help other users. NexttBrand trust scores are based on reviews left by users and informed by Better Business Bureau ratings.

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There's a growing number of "direct-to-consumer" brands — brands you can't find on Amazon. We profile the best of those, along with easy-to-find price information, return policies, and honest reviews.