Sasha Shilko

Sasha Shilko, Brand Spotter in Chief 

Awesome new brands pop up every day. I wanted to make it easy to spot the ones taking off.


Brands like DollarShaveClub, StitchFix, and Allbirds made it big. Now there are new direct-to-consumer brands appearing all the time. I think that’s fantastic because they tend to be mission-driven, 'maniacally focused' on the consumer experience, and leading innovation in their product categories. Who wouldn't rather purchase from them over traditional retailers?


Unfortunately, I was pretty frustrated trying to sift through all of them. Why wasn't there an easy way to see them in one place, along with some basic trending metrics? 


Nexttbrand keeps an eye on brand engagement metrics and lets you know what's taking off.  Be among the first to know about the next thing. 



How do you decide which brands to add to NexttBrand?


Nexttbrand focuses on ‘direct-to-consumer’ brands, brands that sell directly to their end customers without going through Amazon or a major retailer. These brands tend to be innovative and have a great mission behind them. They often advertise through social media versus more traditional channels.


It's an uphill battle to keep track of all of the 'direct-to-consumer' brands. There are a lot out there and it seems like new ones pop up left and right. Nexttbrand stays on top of industry news and site traffic metrics to spot new ones. Then brands get split up into two groups: 'tracked' and 'shown'. 


All sites on this list are tracked but sites with an Alexa rank over 200,000 are not shown on NexttBrand. This ensures that all sites shown on NexttBrand have gained meaningful traction with consumers.


You can submit brands you’d like to see us begin tracking here


How do you determine which brands are 'trending' and 'most viewed'?

All Nexttbrands primarily sell online through their websites. Brands that rank as 'most viewed' receive the most unique visitors to their websites and the highest level of engagement from those visitors. To determine 'most viewed' rankings, NexttBrand leverages Alexa, a global ranking system that looks at millions of websites. Trending brands have seen the greatest jump in rank.  All rankings shown on Nexttbrand are recalculated to be relative just to the brands shown on Nexttbrand. 


Do brands pay to be shown higher?

No. Every brand is objectively scored based on the metrics. For some brands, Nexttbrand may earn a small commission if you buy through our links. Whether a brand offers an affiliate commission makes no difference on it's ranking. 


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