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Fine leather goods, watches and jewelry. Luxury-grade materials and craftsmanship without the luxury markup. Norwegian design studio based in Hong Kong.

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Angelica C.

I regret ordering from Linjer

Went through an awful customer service experience when I mistakenly placed an order for a watch that Linjer was no longer offering on sale. They gave me an option to ordder an alternative watch or lose my money, practically a shake-down.

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Sydney H.

Smooth return process.

I was worried when I had to return two watches I purchased, as there have been a lot of negative reviews surrounding this. There was nothing wrong with the watches - they were just not to my personal taste - and as such there was a $15 restocking fee. I was especially nervous because I'm in the US and would have to ship back to Hong Kong. However, I had a very positive experience with their customer service team, and I recieved a refund without any issues.

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